Virtual Business Strategic Games in Online Higher Education


We will develop a virtual business strategic game which was initially created by PUEB and successfully used in face-to-face lectures. Our first experience with the use of our game in online education shows its high effectiveness in answering COVID-19 challenges but also it shows the improvements needed to be done to make it more self-playable for students by combining it with movie education.
Main aim is to deliver the sophisticated business simulation tools by combining the game with movie education – virtual business strategic game supporting online education at universities in COVID-19 pandemic time.

Specific objective

To develop the architecture of the strategic games while adjusting the tool to the requirement of online teaching process, together with quality assurance and effectiveness assessment.
To develop the engine of virtual strategic game (new functionalities for teachers and students).
To create, test and implement new game scenario.
To create movies introducing the logic of the game and the user panel.
To develop education movies supporting in business education as integral part of game engine.

The project is aimed at:

University teachers in the field of entrepreneurship, business, management – need to get teaching tools suitable during COVID-19 pandemic
Business students – need innovative learning tools to be able to learn without participation in the classroom.


Poznan University of Economics

and Busines

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